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For over 20 years Arrow has been a leading managed service provider supplying Telecoms and ICT solutions and is one of the most trusted suppliers within the industry due to their network agnostic approach. Aurora has been working with Arrow for six years, providing unified sales, provisioning and a billing customer care platform whilst developing a wide range of additional features on Arrow’s web interface and customer facing portal.


Arrow wanted to implement a holistic sales ordering system to decrease the time taken for mobile stock orders to be dispatched whilst reducing the amount of physical stock held.

Historically, when mobile hardware was ordered by an Arrow customer, the process for fulfilling the order was inefficient, with stock being checked into an off-site warehouse before being dispatched to the customer.

This process kept costs high, lengthened order dispatch times, pushed out customer delivery dates and obliged Arrow to hold and manage levels of stock that might depreciate in value and which risked becoming obsolete before being sold.

Arrow engaged Aurora to determine the best approach to deliver on the following objectives:

  • To improve the internal ordering process
  • Centralise all real-time stock reporting
  • Decrease delivery times
  • Add value to the customer experience
  • Increase the range of devices sold
  • Provide a transparent end-to-end service


Aurora worked with Arrow to design and implement a direct fulfilment sales order tool which brought immediate business benefits and improved business process efficiencies across the team. New features included:

  • Full integration with Ingram Micro for checking available stock and placing orders
  • The management of product catalogues and preferred suppliers
  • E-mail order generation and confirmation
  • Customer order tracking
  • Suite of complementary reports

The Direct Fulfilment solution was developed as part of the Affinity billing solution platform and has been built in such a way as to allow Arrow to make the best choices for both their customers and for their business.


Arrow has grown into a multi-site operation, increasing revenues billing through the Affinity platform by almost 50% and continues to boast a market leading product portfolio.

Arrow are proud to be one of the first UK managed service suppliers to benefit from complete customer order system integration with their direct fulfilment company, Ingram Micro.

Their customers now benefit from a superior user experience when ordering telecoms and ICT products and Arrow have significantly reduced operational overheads.

“The Direct Fulfilment sales order tool has helped us to realise our objective of improved efficiency and shortened timescales within the order lifecycle, through the reduction of manual intervention, real time visibility of stock availability and faster despatch resulting in a much improved customer experience”

Giovanna Holbrow – Project Manager

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