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Vivio wanted to take their business from a mobile distribution model to a mobile wholesale model.

Before commissioning Affinity Vivio weren’t able to bill customer products and were heavily reliant on the networks.

Vivio also wanted to offer competitive mobile packages to their customers. Affinity’s ability to provision and manage Vodafone connections directly from its billing platform was a huge differentiator for Vivio.

Streamlining reports and managing sales campaigns was also a major challenge. None of Vivio’s processes were automated and with disparate systems across the business it was slowing down the entire reseller operation and limiting customer service and business growth.


Affinity enabled Vivio to move from distribution to wholesale by installing the complete Affinity billing platform; a powerful, modular billing software solution that enables customers to run their entire reseller operation through it.

Affinity offers self management at the highest level and enables complete automated prospect to billing functionality with a suite of API’s to ensure business flexibility.

Our VSP (Virtual Service Provider) service gave them direct access to the Vodafone network and enabled Vivio to provision and manage competitive mobile packages.

The Affinity Sales module allowed Vivio to easily manage large prospecting campaigns by providing bulk prospect views, enabled users to set customer call back reminders and even display individual customer information on automatic CLI recognition.

Affinity also enabled Vivio to integrate their customer service recordings with their chosen software partner; Oak.

Affinity Service has also been an important module for Vivio. Since streamlining their ticket and task management process they are now able to easily manage over a 100 customer requests a day.


Vivio have transitioned their business from distribution to wholesale and have implemented a seamless end to end billing process enabling their business to scale.

Other benefits include:

Dramatically increased Vodafone access
6,500 mobile CLI’s sold through VSP / Affinity platform
Streamlined and automated business processes
Increased staff efficiency


“The experience and knowledge the Aurora VSP team have in the telecoms industry has been essential in helping us understand the complexities of billing our mobile wholesale base. The support we receive from them is second to none. “

Suzanne Whibberley, Head of Finance and Operations

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